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Signs indicating a person may not be 100% Real or Authentic

OK nobody, me included is 100% real and authentic 100% of the time. There are occasions where this could make us far too vulnerable.

Here are signs to watch for as a warning in other people and perhaps in you too:

But as you go through the list ask yourself how many of these patterns are based on “old rules” taught in childhood or at school as being the “correct” way to behave?

Denying vulnerability is trying to avoiding something that is there all the time. It never goes down to zero for anyone.

An accompanying result that goes with denying vulnerability is a failure to prepare in advance, for events that really could occur and which would raise vulnerability. Not taking a negative position but acting over confident when preparation would be much safer.  

Too impersonal, keeps the personal side of their character hidden.

Weak or damaged  boundaries. Masks or rigid walls instead of flexibility.

Trying to be like everyone else. Following the crowd

Not in touch with  authentic emotions. Denying, masking, hiding or blocking real feelings to make sure other people can’t see real feelings.

Ignoring important signals that could tell them more about what is actually going on around them or inside them, including health issues. Denying or blocking reality.

Major issues with Power and Control Either wanting too much control over others, taking power and control from others. Or being too rigid, too self controlled.

Spending most of their time  looking in the rear view mirror regretting where they have been.

Closed Communication is a kind of mask.  Aim is to avoid revealing too much about themselves

Avoiding or resisting positive change and growth.

Ignoring, denying existence of their Inner child.Not providing protection

Still believing most real power exists inside of them (not true)

Define themselves and others by what they are doing, not who they are being.

Low empathy. Giving and sharing is limited or has conditions

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