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Do you sometimes feel your true self missing, lost or trapped, hidden behind masks, held down by your past or other people’s rules.
This website honours our struggle to be who we really are. It started when you and I were little, happened again as  teenagers, then as grown ups, and again right up to today.

Yes I am still struggling but I’m winning lots more now than I used to. As a kid, I struggled with a narcissistic parent who tried so hard to take me down. Somehow I managed to hang on to the main parts of me, but at a price. My struggle continued when I grew up,with people at work, partners, friends.

For each of us it never ends because someone is always trying to get us to be the person they want us to be, do the things they want us to do, their way, but we must never give up.

Are you ready now, to continue your struggle and be more and more your real me again and again?

This website includes the stories from  some of the people I know from around the World and the ways they are winning the struggle.

What can you do to improve your chances of winning the next round? There’s lots of information here as I share what I have learned and what other people from around the World have found that works for them.


Being the “Real Me”

The Skills, the Techniques, the Art of  Being your true Self - the Real Me, who you really are and who you were always meant to be

What is it about Being the Real me?

There are many reasons, some valid, why people may choose to spend their lives trying to avoid discovering too much about their well hidden real self.

So if you aren't too excited about starting on this incredible journey, then this may be the right time to log out. I wouldn’t want to get you involved in something that would only end in discomfort.

Becoming more Authentic  More Real

However there are others who at some point in their lives realise that their true authentic self remains somewhere lost or trapped inside, hidden by comfortable masks, held down by other people’s rules, usually from childhood.  

If you are one of those people, welcome!. Provided you have the courage to break away from those old clamps and blockages, rules and restrictions then you and I can work together to take you to the place you have already dreamed of, a place where you can at last be your real me.

The old masks will remain in the background because there are times in our lives when we still need them. But so much of the time you can safely drop them and be yourself.

One restriction - This is do-it-yourself work.

My notes can guide you, show you how, get you started, share my experiences, but I can’t actually do the climb for you.

Think of me as a conductor, waving my baton, my notes are a bit like your sheet music, but you alone can play your own instrument to produce magical changes in your life.

Interested? Then let’s get started

On this website

Part 1  Growing your Real Authentic self Step by Step

The main section of this website is “Making it Happen”

Topics covered in this section are listed below. It’s your personal menu for you to choose which ways you like best.

Part 2  More information

Go to ‘Reading” There are more than 14 pages there.  

On this site - every page is Free to copy

Please feel free to copy any of this material for your own use.

Here are some of the key topics - You can either go to the linked pages below by clicking on each blue link or from the Navigation Bar at the top of each page

Being the real me - Introduction

Getting Real - Step by Step  How to become  More Real - a useful menu but you need to choose for yourself

Making it Happen

How do I start to grow my  real authentic self?  (Click here)

Real feelings Click here

Boundaries are essential  (click here)

Forward Thinking   (click here

Your Vulnerability is real - embrace it, manage it

Most of us are constantly facing vulnerability issues. The more you work with these the more real you are.

Click here to go to the pages about Vulnerability

 Personal and Impersonal Styles - you need both (click here)

Open Communication and naming the elephant in the room click here

Power and Control explained (click here)

Manipulation   (click here)

Balancing your ever present opposite sub personalities (your inner selves) using the easy yet self empowering process described as “emotional gym”

Do it yourself Emotional Gym (click here)

Balancing Being you and what You are Doing and Having (they’re not the same) (coming soon)

Making Things happen makes you more real (coming soon)

How you make changes Choices and options while you stay in your power (coming soon)

Six key Life skills we all have (and keep forgetting to use) (coming soon)

Special sections

Originally these were separate websites. Each one is made up of many pages. Each topic is a separate linked sub-domain with its own address or link.

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Working with your real Emotional Age

The more aware you are of Emotional Age issues the more real you become and the more truly Powerful you are. The more aware you are of your constantly changing Emotional ages the more personal power you have and the less anyone else can take your power. That’s a big step forward in becoming the real you. I recommend this as the best place to start but it takes some explaining. So it’s in a separate section

Ask for my Free book on Emotional Age Awareness or to find out more please

Go to sub-domain

Prepare and Protect yourself from other people who try to control you by Undermining and Unbalancing you, or trying to Manipulate you.

The next step is to look at how your real authentic self has been taken from you both now and in the past by other people who didn’t want you to enjoy the power of being the real authentic you.

One of the most common problems are people who try to Control you. Amongst the worst are the ones who “sling Control-MUD” to undermine you and disempower you. There are many different ways to protect yourself and also Prepare your self in advance before they get started.

Ask for my Free book on ways to handle Control-MUD or to find out more please

Go to sub-domain

What happened in your childhood or teens that prevented you becoming the real you?  What kind of ACEs, that’s Adverse Childhood Experiences did you have?  What is your ACE score?  

This section on Adverse Childhood experiences or ACEs includes a survey.

To find out more  click here

Ask for a free printable pdf copy of the ACE survey.

Some people seem to be obsessed not just with with controlling others, but actively putting them down, disempowering them. Preventing them from being real. Some who do this are full on narcissists,but many others just use narcissistic patterns. That can still cause lots of damage if you’re on the receiving end.

Ask for my free book on NBP (Narcissistic Behaviour Patterns)

Inner Patriarchs and Inner Matriarchs - one of them or both may be busy at work inside you, but they each work undercover to stop you being aware of them and the damage they do you you. They hate each other but there are just three things they agree about. They each want to destroy grown up relationships and each one wants to hurt, shame, scare and punish your Inner child. They also like it when you get stuck in your PYRO (young emotional age) zone.

They don’t even belong to you, they are like refugees from someone else’s inner village, usually a controlling parent. Unmasking them and naming them is the first step in freeing yourself from them.

Read more

Old Core Beliefs are usually negative and are a major blockage that will stop you being real. This is my oldest website going back to 1997. Ask for my Free Core Belief Balancing book or to find out more please go to this website

Get to Know Your amazing Inner Child. Then learn how to love and protect your child. There is a part of you that never grows up, nor does it need to. That part is your very own wonderful Inner Child, still there, incredibly real and still carrying many of your deepest feelings of pain, stress, sadness and vulnerability. Discover the joy of communicating more and more openly with your magical inner child. Discover ways to help your inner child feel truly safe, and how you as the grown up part of the team can help childhood emotional wounds. When you do that your self-confidence grows and you as the grown up real you,  experience greater joy and improved relationships.

Ask for my Free book “Loving Your Inner Child” or to find out more please go to

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